listed artist TEODULO ROMULO (1943 – ) Titled PARIS 1981

$650 SOLD

listed artist TEODULO ROMULO (1943 – ) Titled PARIS 1981

Modern Cubism???
Brownish Reds
Signed Front Lower Right – Titled Paris 1981 Front lower Left
Art Paper Looks Handmade – 26″ x 20″
Bamboo Look Frame Russet Red – 35″ x 29″
Matted Under Glass
Excellent Condition

All Posters Show Age, Wear & Tear–None Are Perfect


Cristiani Bros. Circus
With Tony Diano
Master Of The Jungle – Features Wild Animals
Sarasota Florida
28″ x 29″


Circus Poster
Made By: Central Show Printing Co. Mason City Iowa

Features Circus Animals and Performers
42″ x 29″


Two Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. Posters
Features A Giraffe America’s 2nd Largest Circus
McMinnville Oregon
28″ x 48″ and 28″ x 42″
$100 and $80
United Nations 3 Ring Circus
All Nations On Parade – Features An Elephant
14″ x 42″


King Bros. Circus
Features Horses & Chariots – Giant Menagerie
McMinnville Oreogn
28″ x 27″
Bailey Bros. and Cristiani Circus (Bailey Bros. Paper Taped Over King Bros.)
Features Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Horse, Clown and Acrobats
Tacoma Washington
21″ x 36″

America’s Hall Of Fame Circus
Features a Clown and a Girl Riding a White Horse
Made By Globe Poster Corp. Chicago Ill. C.F. 593
42″ x 28″
King Bros. Circus
Features a Clown and a Pretty Girl
Salem Oregon
28″ x 30″

King Bros and Cristiani circus
Features a Laughing Clown
Tacoma Washington
28″ x 29″
Clyde Beatty Circus
Features 3 Clowns
Sarasota Florida
21″ x 37″
Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. 2nd Largest Circus
Features a Clown
McMinnville Oregon
21″ x 35″

King Bros. Big 3 Ring Circus – Wild Animal Show
Features a Giant Clown Over the Circus Tents
Salem Oregon
28″ x 51″
Ward-Bell Circus
Features a Clown
McMinnville Oregon
40″ x 35″

Wenatchee “Y” Circus
“Greatest Little Show On Earth”
Wenatchee Washington
Features A Clown
22″ x 18″
King Bros. Circus
Features 3 Clowns
Salem Oregon
28″ x 49″
Clyde Beatty Gigantic 3 Ring Circus
Clyde Beatty In Person
Features a Tiger
Tacoma Washington
42″ x 37″

Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. 2nd Largest Circus
Features an Elephant – Giant Menagerie
Salem Oregon
43″ x 34″
Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. 2nd Largest Circus
Features a Hippopotamus–Giant Jungle Beast From The River Nile Africa
Giant Menagerie
McMinnville Oregon
28″ x 48″

Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey
The Greatest Show On Earth – World’s Biggest Menagerie
Features a Rhinoceros
Sarasota Florida – Winter Quarters
42″ x 36″
King Bros Circus – Giant Menagerie
Features a Polar Bear
McMinnville Oregon
28″ x 27″

King Bros. 3 Ring Circus
Features a Hippopotamus & a Lion
Salem Oregon
28″ x 3″
Optimist Circus – a Ken Jensen Production
Features Rearing Horses
Salem Oregon

King Bros. Circus
Features Woman Acrobat Horse Rider
McMinnville Oregon
21″ x 34″
Clyde Beatty Circus
Features Lion, Tiger, Clown, Acrobats, Elephant, Horse
Sarasota Florida
21″ x 37″
Two Posters $60 EACH
America’s Hall of Fame Circus
Features Performing Monkeys
made by: Globe Poster Co Inc Chicago C.F. 552
21″ x 29″

Clyde Beatty Trained Wild Animal Circus
Features Elephants
42″ x 27″
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey
Features the Great Alzanas – World Renowned High Wire Daredevils
28″ x 27″
Circus Poster – No Name
Features a Donkey Kicking a Clown and an Elephant
made by : Central Show Printing Co Mason City Iowa
28″ x 21″
Clyde Beatty Circus – World’s Largest Circus
Features Acrobats and 3 Rings of Performers
Sarasota Florida
28″ x 30″

Framed US Navy Hat Tallies

#1 – USS West Virginia USS Oklahoma USS Nevada USS Ward

#2 – USS Enterprise USS Yorktown USS Lexington USS Hornet

$28 each frame


1930’s + – US Navy Hats

Sometimes called Donald Duck Hats–Dress Blue Hats

USS California USS Georgia USS Idaho USS Maryland USS Misissippi
USS Nevada USS New Mexico USS Tennessee USS Utah USS St. Louis
USS Farragut US Navy Armed Guard USN White Officers Hat
Blue Engine Room Chiefs Hat

Blue W/ White Cover Japanese Hat–not old

Child Mannequin with Sailor Suit

Whole Collection $850

SOLD–without mannequin

6 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ $800


Interior unfinished, Needs Cleaned 6 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ $650–SOLD


6 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ Interior Water Spot $800


6 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ Needs Cleaned $650

1915 Yurok Nettie Waukekl Harry 7″ x 3 3/4″ $800 SOLD

WorkHat 7″ x 3 1/2″ $600 SOLD
7 1/4″
Beautiful Tight Weave
$1175 SOLD

 Mid-Century Oil Paintings – Sail Boats – Mediterranean – Victor Bruzac, France

Frame 14″ x 10″



3 Mid-Century Oil Paintings – Sail Boats – Mediterranean – Victor Bruzac, France

Frame 11″ x 15″



3  Mid-Century Oil Paintings – Sail Boats – Mediterranean – Victor Bruzac, France

Frame 40″ x 28″

Needs Cleaned and Stretched


Fabulous Collection Of Glass Fishing Floats — Comes From Fifty Years Of  Collecting and he’s still collecting

Large, Small & Medium – Rollers, Eggs, Sausages

Common, Uncommon and Rare

Blue, Green, Olive Green, Red, Amberina, Clear, Purple…

Marked & Unmarked

A Binary & A Very Rare Trinary!

Various Prices…Call or stop by for more information

Vintage Buttons – Revolving Stock of Buttons

Fresh Supply of Buttons February 2018

Come By To See the Selection:  Victorian, Glass, Mother of Pearl, Metal, Military, Bakelite, Novelty, Large, Bags Full of Miscellaneous…

Parkway Drive Antiques


11-5 Monday — Saturday
Sunday*by appointment

Go to the bottom of this page for in-store sales…


 Pretty Canvas Shopping Bags
Various Colors
Large & Sturdy with Water-Proof Interior
$5 each


I am open by appointment on Sundays–please phone ahead


Let Me Know If You Are Looking For A Particular Item
Come To The Store Or Send Me An Email
I Will Contact You When I Find Your Special Item


I am always looking for things to buy…
Do you have an old house full of stuff you do not know what to do with?…CALL ME!!!

Do you want to downsize?…CALL ME!!!

Do you have things in storage and do not want to keep paying rent for them?…CALL ME!!!

Did you inherit things that you do not know what to do with?…CALL ME!!!

I like things…I like stuff…I buy….707 464-6035


I have different items arriving in the store every week…come check them out…

Check Out The
Dollhouse Miniatures
Includes Furniture, Dolls, Household Accessories,
Some Signed Items From The 1980’s


Doll House with Furniture $198


Costume or Elegant
Beads and Junk Jewelry
Silver or Gold

WANTED: old blue glass canning jars–any size


I am currently buying estates and collections–small or large

Here are a few tips for when you are ready to sell your items.

Do Not throw anything away or tidy things up.
You may think that you have a mess, but I will not think that–give me
a chance to look at everything.

Some people clean out and throw away the very items that I am looking for.
One person brought me a couple of old photographs and I commented
on how much I like old photos–they almost fell over–they had thrown
away a large garbage can full of photos and old snap shots!
I would have paid them for the photos…

Save your junk drawers and rusty, quirky items.
You will be surprised at what I buy!!!
I have a list of items that I buy on my Home Page…

If you do not want me to come to your home, you are welcome to
bring your items to me–let me know when it is convenient for you.

Hope to see you soon–whether it is to buy or to sell
Come to my store for a visit!

There are lots of new items coming in almost every day!

Buttons, Sewing Items,
Marbles, Knives, Lighters,
Military Items,
Vintage Outdoor Furniture
and more…
See A List Of Items On My Home Page

Parkway Drive Antiques
1650 Parkway Drive
Crescent City CA
707 464-6035




25% off Early American Pressed Glass
(EAPG drinking glasses are
hard to find in this locale)


40% off

(Dinnerware listed on the Misc. For Sale Page)

Currently Buying
Estates & Collections
Large or Small
Please look at my Home Page
for a List of Items that I Buy
I love stuff and junk and
quirky items, yard ornaments,
jewelry, pottery, primitives,
rocks, rosaries and medals…etc., etc., etc.



Parkway Drive Antiques
1650 Parkway Drive
Crescent City CA 95531
707 464-6035


Ideal Dispenser Co.
Model 55
For Restoration or As Is


Fountain Pen Collection
Old & New Pens


Individually Priced


Lara Croft WATERMAN Set


Waterman $50


Approximately 500 Fountain Pens, Dip Pens, Pencils & a Few Ball Point….
Ink Bottles, Pen Stands, Ink Wells

Fountain Pen Brands Include: Waterman, Parker, Sheaffer, Cross, Pelikan, etc.

Collectible Waterman Harley Davidson Pens


Jacots Swiss Music Box 1 Cent
19″ x 8 3/4″ x 7″
Plays Ten Songs
Patent Dates 1886 – 1888

Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co. USA
Pedestal Sink
top 24″ x 20″

Christmas Tree Pins


Vintage Yo-Yo Quilt Top/Coverlet
90″ x 90″

There is a variety of quilts in the store–quilt tops to be backed, finished quilts,
quilts for craft or repair–some nice old ones…


Royal Doulton
1958 Viking $140 SOLD
1966 North American Indian $120
Staffordshire $14
1935-55 Toby Philpotts $60
England $16

Royal Doulton

1957 Mine Host $60
Sairey Gamp $19.50
1949 Falstaff $80
1952 Johnny Appleseed $80  SOLD

Royal Doulton
1969-76 Alexandra $72–SOLD
Lily $48 SOLD
Ivy $36 SOLD

Royal Doulton
The Beatles
John, Paul, George & Ringo
$300 / set   SOLD

Royal Doulton
Sherlock Holmes
$78  SOLD

Old Bottles–Various Prices
Milk, Beer, Medicine, Apothecary,
Fruit/Canning, Embossed Whiskey…etc.




Sea Shell Flowers
Wedding Bouquets, Crafts, Etc.
Beautifully handcrafted flowers–made from real sea shells that have been dyed.
Various Prices–SOLD


Also, there are many large, medium and small sea shells
for collecting, decorating or craft.
SOLD IN BULK or Individually



Majolica Asparagus Plate – as is $90 SOLD

Majolica Chrysanthemum Plate – as is $32 SOLD

1890 inscribed on lid – Blown Glass Tankard – as is $98

Copper Tray–Chile Coat of Arms $42 SOLD

Sculpture–1997 Fabriciano $40 SOLD

Brass Temple Toy Camel–India $125—SOLD

Vintage Royal Bayreuth
Various Prices

(several pieces have sold–please check availability)

Beach Glass
Sea Glass
from the Mendocino Coast of California
Lots of Colors–Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Purple…etc.
Various Prices – SOLD

**Glass Fishing Floats**
**Various Sizes and Shapes**
**Floats from Japan, Korea, Russia, Norway, USA**
**Original Vintage Floats and Replica Floats**
Various Prices

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats
Various Sizes 2″ – 16″ Various Prices




I Do Not Always Have Large Glass Floats – Get Them While You Can


Huge lot of Dollhouse Miniatures

Furniture, Dolls, Home Decor, Rugs, Linens, Tools,
Keys, Lamps, Electrical Supplies, Food and Canning Jars,
Kitchen and Laundry…many more items not pictured…

Dollhouse available for repair–SOLD

*Come by and check out the large collection of

You will not believe how many there are–the variety is amazing!!!

This store is so much fun–come by for a LOOK!!!

many animal dishes have sold–still a good variety to choose from

Over 400 Vintage Crab Pot Buoys
ranging in price from $ .50 — $16.00
…depending on age and condition
the more you buy the better the price

Buoys are getting hard to find–so get yours now….

Biscuit /Cracker Jar


Nippon 1911-1921
Green Wreath M–Morimura
Moriage Relief and Beaded Decorations
Desert Scene

St. Clair Paperweights $98

St. Clair Carmel Slag Buffalo/Bison $98

Miniature Jack-in-the-pulpit Vase by Terry Crider $48

Wooden Egg Shaped Owl 1979 $10–SOLD

Great Assortment of Paperweights!
various prices

Some Have SOLD…

Cooking Corner
Spice Tins, Cooking Untensils, Aprons, Cookie Cutters,
Rolling Pins, Sifters, Beaters and More…

Selection of Various Bells
Porcelain China Patterns Include:
Royal Albert, Spode, Haviland, Ansley, Noritake, Minton, etc.
$2 – $12

1959 Bossons Indian Plaque

various prices $20-$80

2005 unused
Two with COA from Bradran-Iranian Rugs
Call for more information
707 464-6035

36″ x 13″
old wooden sign–made to look old
$450.00–currently NFS

“BLESST” Rosary Bracelets by Sandra Fernandes
Created From A Vintage Rosary, Medals and /or Old Jewelry Parts
The Bracelet Is Not Meant To Be Perfect–It Is Made From Old Materials
Each Bracelet Is One Of A Kind–No Two Are Alike
The Old Rosaries Have Been Blessed, Loved And Are Very Special!

$30 to $65 and up…


Edison Cylinder Player

1903 Patent

One Cylinder, No Speaker Horn

Great Working Condition


22″ x 35″
handcarved chess set
purchased in Spain in the 1980’s
hangs on the wall–chess board slides in for storage

12″ 1 Cent


Ford Gum Ball Machine Serial # C034071 $100

Ford Peanut Machine Serial # P005783 $100


China Dish Sets
40% discount
off listed price
until April 30, 2013

75 pieces Noritake Chatsworth #5044
$240 ( sale price $144.00) SOLD

33 pieces Royal Crown Derby Green Blue Leaf #A701
$494 ( sale price $197.60) SOLD

74 pieces Homer Laughlin Briar Rose
$448 ( sale price $268.80)

32 pieces Noritake N51
$98 ( sale price $58.80) SOLD

75 pieces Crown China
$198 ( sale price $118.80)

2 sets of 29 pieces each Noritake Occupied Japan

$135 / 29 piece set
( sale price $81.00)

18 pieces Occupied Japan Spring Violets Luncheon Set
$72 ( sale price $43.20)


26 pieces Service for 8 New/Unused
Wedgwood California #W4377
$198.44 (sale price $119.06)


89 pieces T. Haviland Limoges France
1910-1925 Orleans
$498 ( sale price $298.80) SOLD

41 pieces Royal Doulton Arcadia 1959-2000
$300 ( sale price $180.00)

25 pieces Cauldron Bone China England Barberry
$150 ( sale price $90.00)

Large Variety of Red Glass and Black Glass Luncheon Sets and more…

Coors Light
Lighted 15″–Works
plastic has a crack



There are still lots of polished rocks & agates INSIDE the Store


rose quartz, jaspers, obsidian, geodes, agate, picture rock, slab sliced, lapis,
petrified wood, apache tears, tiger eye….some polished, cabochons, jewelry findings, etc.
I do not know much about rocks–come by and look–they are beautiful!

SOLD Petrified Wood

SOLD slab slices — blue sodalite SOLD

crystals and rose quartz SOLD

SOLD various green rocks

SOLD more beautiful rocks…

SOLD Red Rocks, Lace Agate, Red & Green Rocks

SOLD Geodes and Soil Agate?

SOLD Apache Tears and Green Blood Rock?

SOLD misc. green stone and Tigers Eye

SOLD Various red and brown rocks

There are still lots of polished rocks & agates INSIDE

local agates $2.00 per bag


Guitar with Case
Epiphone PR-650-ASB
as is–neck crack

Dulcimer –as is–needs repairs
with large case

Various Pocket Watches and Jewelry

Waltham Vanguard Open Face Pocket Watch
Replica Rolex–SOLD
Russian Pocket Watch

All Of The

Shown Below Have Been
I do have a few other watches and watch parts in stock…
come on by and take a look!

24″ x 30″
SELRES_0.5220691818614096Oak TableSELRES_0.5220691818614096 $160


42″ x 21″ x 55″


Oak Bureau/Desk
30″ x 41 1/2″ x 17″
Two Drawers
Fold Down Desk Top

Two Lamps
overall height 32″ NO shades
Moroccan Style–Black & Gold Painted Embellishments
$40 each


Entry Table
34″ w x 18″ d x 29″ h

Oak Hoosier Style Cupboard
with spice rack & sifter
original glass on upper doors
pull-out work area covered with linoleum


Art Deco
with two interior drawers
37″ x 19″ x 48″

Contemporary Style
Wine Cabinet
45″ x 19″ x 15″


Wardrobe Trunk
48″ x 21″ x 22″
with drawers, hangers and foldout desk top and a curtain…unique!
Stenciled Name: Emilie Freud San Francisco
American President Lines Label
Maker or Distributor Label: Ludwig Szabo Wien, XV. Turner Gasse, 19
Telfon 80201 (Vienna)

79″ x 36″ x 18″
Armoire with Bubble Glass
Interior Tag: From Maple & Co. Limited London Paris

Vintage Game Table
Leaf Pulls Out From Under Table Top
36″ x 36″ or 36″ x 60″

Solid Oak Table, 4 Chairs & Bench
manufactured in California
one 18″ leaf
table: 42″ x 60″ plus leaf
bench: 43″