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 October Through December 2019


All TOYS Are 50% Off

All BOOKS Are 50% Off

Shop Early For Ornaments–There Are Vintage & Contemporary Glass Ornaments

Birds, Parrots, Owls, Penguins, Peacock, Panda, Dolphin, Lady Bugs, Gecko, Dinosaurs, Turtle,

Unicorn, Cow, Pig, Santa, Carousel Animals, Gingerbread Houses, Pinecones…

Ornaments from Poland, West Germany, Radko, Pipka, Waterford, Metropolitan Museum Of Modern Art and more…

Parkway Drive Antiques


11-5 Monday — Saturday
Sunday*by appointment


Go to the bottom of this page for in-store sales…



 Pretty Canvas Shopping Bags
Various Colors
Large & Sturdy with Water-Proof Interior
$5 each


I am open by appointment on Sundays–please phone ahead




Let Me Know If You Are Looking For A Particular Item
Come To The Store Or Send Me An Email
I Will Contact You When I Find Your Special Item


I am always looking for things to buy…
Do you have an old house full of stuff you do not know what to do with?…CALL ME!!!

Do you want to downsize?…CALL ME!!!

Do you have things in storage and do not want to keep paying rent for them?…CALL ME!!!

Did you inherit things that you do not know what to do with?…CALL ME!!!

I like things…I like stuff…I buy….707 464-6035


I have different items arriving in the store every week…come check them out…

Check Out The
Dollhouse Miniatures
Includes Furniture, Dolls, Household Accessories,
Some Signed Items From The 1980’s


Doll House with Furniture $198


Costume or Elegant
Beads and Junk Jewelry
Silver or Gold

WANTED: old blue glass canning jars–any size


I am currently buying estates and collections–small or large

Here are a few tips for when you are ready to sell your items.

Do Not throw anything away or tidy things up.
You may think that you have a mess, but I will not think that–give me
a chance to look at everything.

Some people clean out and throw away the very items that I am looking for.
One person brought me a couple of old photographs and I commented
on how much I like old photos–they almost fell over–they had thrown
away a large garbage can full of photos and old snap shots!
I would have paid them for the photos…

Save your junk drawers and rusty, quirky items.
You will be surprised at what I buy!!!
I have a list of items that I buy on my Home Page…

If you do not want me to come to your home, you are welcome to
bring your items to me–let me know when it is convenient for you.

Hope to see you soon–whether it is to buy or to sell
Come to my store for a visit!

There are lots of new items coming in almost every day!

Buttons, Sewing Items,
Marbles, Knives, Lighters,
Military Items,
Vintage Outdoor Furniture
and more…
See A List Of Items On My Home Page


Parkway Drive Antiques
1650 Parkway Drive
Crescent City CA
707 464-6035




50% off Stereo View Cards

25% off Early American Pressed Glass
(EAPG drinking glasses are
hard to find in this locale)

25% off Pyrex


40% off

(Dinnerware listed on the Misc. For Sale Page)

Currently Buying
Estates & Collections
Large or Small
Please look at my Home Page
for a List of Items that I Buy
I love stuff and junk and
quirky items, yard ornaments,
jewelry, pottery, primitives,
rocks, rosaries and medals…etc., etc., etc.



Parkway Drive Antiques
1650 Parkway Drive
Crescent City CA 95531
707 464-6035